S. T. Coleridge


He was born on October 21, 1772 in Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire. His father, John Coleridge was Schoolmaster cum Parson. At the age of eight-he left, his home after a quarrel with his brother and spent the night on the Bank of a stream. Since early childhood, he was highly imaginative and interested in reading. He had read The Bible before he was five.

After his father Death in 1781, he was sent to Christ’s Hospital, where he remained until 1782. He found escape in books. He read Homer, Virgil, Shakespeare and many more. He also studied medicine and metaphysics. His first love was Mary Evans who was a sister of one of his friends.

In 1791, he joined Jesus College, Cambridge as charity student.  For a time he found himself in debt. To flee from his troubles, he went to London in 1793. Coleridge left Cambridge in 1794 without completing his degree. Later Coleridge married Sarah Fricker, the sister of Robert Southey’s Fiancee.


  •  1772 – S.T. Coleridge born October 21
  •  1781  - His father died
  •  1782 – he was sent to Christ’s Hospital London
  •  1791 – He left Christ’s Hospital and joined Jesus College Cambridge.
  •  1795 – Married to Sarah Fricker
  •  1797 – Begun writing The Ancient Mariner from Nov.13 
  •  1800 – The second edition of Lyrical Ballads published with Preface by Wordsworth.
  •  1804 – He decided to leave his wife.
  •  1816 – Christabel and Kubla Khan published.
  •  1817- Biographia Literaria published.
  •  1825 – Aids to Reflection in the Formation of a Manly Character published.
  •  1830 – On the Constitution of Church and State published. 
  •  1834 - he died on 25th  July at Highgate, London.

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