Uses of Present Indefinite Tense

 Uses of Present Indefinite Tense



Subject + Main Verb 1st /Main Verb 1st + s/es.


Subject + Do/Does+ Not + Main Verb 1st.


Do/Does + Subject +Main Verb 1st?


  1. Singular Subject + Singular Verb.
  2. Plural Subject + Plural Verb.


1.   To tell a Universal/eternal truth

A.    Birds fly.

B.      Bird flies.


2.   To tell about daily actions

A.    He practices every day.

B.      Do they practice every day?


3.   In live commentaries on TV and radios

A.    Ram passes the ball to Rahim.

B.      Ram does not pass the ball to Rahim.


4.   If sentence starts with here or there

A.    Here comes the train.


5.   In newspapers headlines

A.    Cricket match draws.


6.   For planned future actions

A.    He arrives tomorrow.

B.     Batches start tomorrow.


7.   With whenever and when

A.    Whenever you ring the bell, she comes.


8.   If subordinate clause starts with – if, till, as soon as, when, unless, before, until, even if, in case, as then always use the present simple

A.    We shall wait until she arrives.


9.   Quotations come in present simple. 

A.    The sun rises in the east.


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