Using Present Continuous Tense was never so easy before.

How and where do use the Present Continuous tense?



Subject + is/am/are + Main Verb 1st + Ing


Subject + is/am/are + Not + Main Verb 1st + Ing


Is/am/are + Subject +Main Verb 1st +Ing?



Singular Subject + Singular Verb

Plural Subject + Plural Verb


To tell about an action or process that is going on at the time of speaking.

  1. They are cutting trees. (Cut + ing) (T) is doubled here.


To tell about the actions, which are going to be, happen in near future.

  1. He is practicing. (Practice + Ing ) ‘E’ is removed here. 
  2. Am I doing wrong?


With ‘always’, ‘continually’, ’constantly’, and ‘forever’, when a doer is doing something against others' will.

  1. She is always complaining.


Where do not use continuous tense?

Stative Verb/ Non-conclusive verbs


Verbs of appearance              Look, Resemble, Seem, Appear

Verbs of emotions                  Want, Desire, Wish, Hate, Hope, Like, Refuse, Believe, Doubt, Loathe, Mind, Care, Detest, Adore, Appreciate, Admire, Fear, and Expect

Verbs of thinking                   Think, Suppose, Agree, Consider, Trust, Remember, Forget, Know, Understand, Perceive, Realize, and Recollect

Verbs of possessions               Belong, Owe, Own, Possess, Contain, and Have 

Verbs of perception                See, Hear, Smell, Taste, and Feel


Example: - 

  1. We are seeing with our eyes. (Wrong)
  2. We see with our eyes. (Right)
  3. The Session judge is hearing our case. (Right)

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