Here is what you can learn in grammar usages about diseases.

Grammar and Diseases

Here is what you can learn in grammar usages about diseases.

Recently, in several articles, I came across the points, which might be helpful and easy to remember for exam tips.

Use of articles

  1. She is suffering from the fever. (wrong) (no article needed before the name of a disease).
  2. She is suffering from the measles. (right) (because the name of disease appears in plural form.)

In the above-mentioned sentences, we see that use of an article before the name of a disease is wrong. Because if any disease name appears singular we never use the article ‘the’ but if in case there comes any name of the disease in plural form there we use the article ‘the’.

Use of fixed prepositions

If want to say that some died just because of a disease we say:

  • Died of + name of a disease.


  1. He has died of the corona. (Because this is the name of the virus.)
  2. He has died of cancer.

However, if want to say that the particular person or an animal is suffering because of a disease we say:

  • Suffering from + name of the disease.


  1. He is suffering from fever
  2. She is suffering from cold.



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