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Pronouns – The words we can use in place of nouns to refer them.

P  Personal Pronouns Personal pronouns refer to people or things. These pronouns can be divided into more categories. 1.       Singular or plural (according to numbers) 2.       First, second, or third person (According to persons) 3.       Subjective or objective case and possessive (according to cases)     The first person indicates the person speaking or writing. The second person indicates the person being spoken or written to. The third person indicates the person, people, thing, or things being spoken or written about. Examples:   I  am not going to the party.                                           [First person, singular, subjective]   The fight ends with  me.                                                  [First person, singular, objective] We  could not discover the root of the issue.                [First person, plural, subjective] *Pronoun, “You” is considered both singular and plural and used in both the subjective and objective case. Possessive Pronouns