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Why the Knight was the most important character among all presented by Chaucer ?

Character Sketch of The Knight - From The Canterbury Tales By Chaucer  The Knight stands at the top of the social hierarchy in this group. He is a virtuous character providing an ethical standard against which the other charters may be judged. The Knight was a worthy or brave man. He was, indeed, a great warrior. He participated in many military operations. He had traveled everywhere in order to fight. He had always been honored for his bravery. Many times, he had sat at the head of the table as the most distinguished person among those of various nations. He had fought at Alexandria, in Lithuania, in Russia, In Grenada, and at several Places. Many of the battles in which he had participated were fought in defense of the Christian faith. Several times, he had fought in single combat and had killed his adversary any time. Although his military velour was this Knight’s most striking quality, he possessed certain other admirable virtuous also. He was not the only rave, but also wise;